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New England Patriots Links 2/09/09 - Brady Due $3 Million Bonus In March

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<em>Brady ready to connect on a new contract soon?</em>
Brady ready to connect on a new contract soon?

Mike Reiss notes Tom Brady is due $3 million bonus in March.

Brady is due the roster bonus on March 5, which is the first official day of the 2010 league year.

Sometimes those roster bonuses can create an added incentive for a team to strike a deal with a player. Instead of paying the roster bonus and then later striking a lucrative extension, there is sometimes a benefit for the team to get it all done at once from an overall cash standpoint.

Brady's new deal could be anywhere from $15 million-$18 million per season, and possibly higher, so it's difficult to gauge how much a $3 million roster bonus could factor into the pace of negotiations. But it is one factor to keep in mind when considering Brady's contract situation.

Boomer Esiason thinks Peyton Manning's interception will translate into $$$ for Brady.

If you put this in the perspective of a New England Patriot fan or a New England Patriot owner like Bob Kraft, and Peyton Manning is going to get ready to sign a new contract really soon. And that interception cost Peyton Manning, in my eyes. Well actually, cha-ching for Tom Brady because Tom Brady does have three Super Bowl Championships and his contract is up as well. So the guy who is actually the biggest winner, I think in all of this, is Tom Brady. Because Peyton Manning is still not able to eclipse the three Super Bowl championships that Tom Brady under his belt.

Dan Shaughnessy shares some feedback he received from emailers, correcting his misguided and premature crowning of Manning over Brady (on the eve of the Super Bowl? tsk tsk).  Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


OK, maybe I jumped the gun a little. I got caught up in the moment. On the eve of the Super Bowl, I wrote that Peyton Manning was better than Tom Brady. I was positively Peytonized. And as Rick Pitino once said, “that’s how I felt at the time.’’

Fortunately, this is sports and opinions change every day. Now that Manning lost the Super Bowl with his Favre-like pick six, he’s a mere .500 quarterback (9-9) in postseason play. He’s still two rings shy of Brady, who is 14-4 in NFL tournament play.

Nothing beats being wrong on the sports pages of The Boston Globe. And that is because of you, gentle readers.