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Kevin Faulk stays a Patriot

There aren't too many guys Hoodie gets nostalgic about.  In fact, there's very few: Tom Brady, Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison, Troy Brown and we could probably add Kevin Faulk to that list after today.  Ian Rapoport reports the numbers:

It’s a one-year deal, which we knew, with the potential to earn $3 million. Faulk gets a signing bonus of $1 million, a salary of $1 million, and the chance to earn $1 million in incentives.

For a guy who will hit 34 in training camp, that's not a bad deal.  There were offers from the Redskins and Eagles, but did anyone really think "Mr. Third Down" would leave us for another team?  One of the most beloved Patriots, even by rivals, could never walk away from this team.  Never.  After 11 seasons, Faulk even pre-dates Belichick.  No, there's no way he was going to another team.

This was a nod of respect to one of the most respected players on the team.  A one year deal like this is usually reserved for a player who's going to retire after that year.  I think this is what will happen with Kevin.  Finish his 12th season in the NFL, and as a Patriot, while he's still on top.  This is a good deal for Kevin, the team, and us fans.  We get to watch Mr. Third Down for one more season.

Every time he runs or grabs an option, I'll pay that much more attention.  It could be the last time I see him do that.