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New England Patriots Links 3/11/10 - Kevin Faulk: A Patriot For Life

<em>The Kevin Faulk era continues for one more season.</em>
The Kevin Faulk era continues for one more season.

Ian Rapoport spoke with Kevin Faulk, who sounded relieved that the contract business was over and he could get on with the off-season.

"I had faith that in the end, it would work out," said Faulk, who agreed to a one-year deal that could earn him as much as $3 million.  "Like I said after the season, I was 85 percent sure I was going to be here.  There was just that 15 percent doubt.  If it came into play, it would have to be a strong 15 percent."

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Faulk heard from new Kansas City offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, as well as Denver coach Josh McDaniels during the free agent process.

"They all made phone calls," Faulk said of Weis and McDaniels, "but at the same time, they all knew where my heart was.  And all of those guys said, if it doesn't work out there, you have a place to come."

Only, it never came to that. When asked if he was trying to follow in Troy Brown’s footsteps and be a Patriot for life, Faulk responded: "I don’t think that’s a bad idea. What do you think?"

Tim Graham (ESPN) Adalius Thomas was the league's worst tackler in 2009.  Maybe that stat will finally get through to AD why Belichick benched him.

Adalius Thomas missed more than the start of a meeting last year. The New England Patriots outside linebacker was the NFL's worst tackler, according to research.

This week, I've been sharing tackle data compiled by analyst Sam Monson. He constructed a stat called "tackle inefficiency rating," which takes a player's number of missed tackles and solo tackles to come up with an evaluation.

We've already taken a look at how the cornerbacks and safeties fared. Now we'll wrap up the series by breaking down linebacker and defensive lineman grades.

Thomas failed miserably. Of the 436 defenders on the list, he finished dead last. tallied 18 solo tackles and eight misses for Thomas, giving him a 30.77 TIR.