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New England Patriots Win NFL's 2009 Outstanding Overall Player Development Program Award

Another award for the Patriots. As reported here by the Boston Herald's Ian Rappoport, the New England Patriots have won an award for the best player development award.

The NFL Player Development Department awarded the New England Patriots with this year’s Outstanding Overall Player Development Award. At the annual meetings, awards are given to the NFL Player Development departments in the areas of financial education, continuing education, career development and life skills, with the Outstanding Overall Player Development Award honoring the club that excels in programming in all four areas of player development.

We all know that the Patriots want smart players on their team- I'm happy to see that we try and better the players as they join us. We try and teach the players life skills for years after the game. Our players are supposed to be role models on and off the field, and our front office makes sure they will be.

This isn't the first time the Patriots have won an award like this.

Last year, the Patriots won the award for the financial development area of their program, which includes 14 detailed financial seminars for rookies and veterans.

Players are taught how to manage their money and make smart decisions.

Hopefully, partially thanks to our Front Office, Patriot players will continue to be in the headlines for all the right reasons.