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New England Patriots Live Draft Results

Over at Mocking the Draft, there was a live 2 round draft held by TheAngelsColts. Our very own R_Adragna and NinjaZX6R represented our New England Patriots and they did a very solid job or addressing our team needs.

Here are the results!

22. New England Patriots - Sergio Kindle (DE/OLB, Texas)

44. New England Patriots - Corey Wootton (DE, Northwestern)

47. New England Patriots - Mardy Gilyard (WR, Cincinnati)

53. New England Patriots - Aaron Hernandez (TE, Flordia)

My Opinion:

22. New England Patriots - Sergio Kindle (DE/OLB, Texas)

Other Players Available: Anthony Davis (OT, Rutgers), Charles Brown (OT, USC), Jared Odrick (DE/DT, Penn State), Ryan Matthews (RB, Fresno State), Kyle Wilson (CB, Boise State), Bruce Campbell (OT, Maryland)

Thoughts: While Kindle fills a position that we have a definite need at filling, there are so many other talented players that have to be looked at. I understand not taking Ryan Matthews since he would be a committee back here, and using a 1st round pick on a committee back would be silly. Kyle Wilson is also another player I understand not taking if you're still high on Darius Butler (which I am). However, the trifecta of OTs in Davis, Campbell and Brown is something that needs to be looked at. Davis is widely considered a top 15, if not top 10, talent. Campbell is rough around the edges, but threw up such incredible combine numbers that Al Davis drooled on himself when he heard the results (*source?). Charles Brown is another extremely solid OT prospect that SHOULD be around at the end of the 1st, but shouldn't be overlooked. Also, one has to look at Jared Odrick and see that he fills an immediate need of the Patriots.

My Pick: Jared Odrick (DE/DT, Penn State) - I'm going to take a bet on the Raiders garnering another top 10 pick next year. Therefore, my belief is that there will be an elite OT for the picking early in the 1st next year. So while any other year I would have advocated taking Anthony Davis, the fact that we have the chance of snagging an even better prospect early next year is something I have to factor in. I doubt we'd grab a DE that early next year (a la Richard Seymour), especially when we have such a need for this upcoming year.

More inside.

44. New England Patriots - Corey Wootton (DE, Northwestern)

Other Players Available: Damaryius Thomas (WR, Georgia Tech), Jared Valdheer (OT, Hillside), Patrick Robinson (CB, Florida State), Ricky Sapp (DE/OLB, Clemson)

Thoughts: I think this is a NinjaZX6R pick. Basing my thoughts upon us having grabbed Sergio Kindle at the 1st round pick, this would be the best pick available. There was a LOT of quality player selected between our 22nd pick and this 44th pick and there is a clear drop in player quality. With DE as our biggest priority, I think Wootton is the best DE on the board. However, I think that Wootton will be available later on in the 2nd.

My Pick based on prior mock pick: Corey Wootton (DE, Northwestern). After having picked Kindle, he is the best player who fits our biggest need. So while I wish we could utilize this pick later on, he is the clear choice based upon Kindle coming off the board first.

My Pick based on MY prior pick: Patrick Robinson (CB, Florida State). After selecting Odrick, and assuming we'll grab an OT next year- and not really wanting to take a gamble on a DII player like Valdheer (No, I don't think he'll be the Randy Moss of his position)-, CB and OLB are the two positions I want to upgrade (knowing that there will be plenty of WR depth at the next pick). Robinson plays a smash mouth style that has been missing from our defense. I'm high on Butler, but I'm in full support of bringing youth to our secondary. The Phins have Smith and Davis, the Jets have Revis and Cromartie, the Bills have Whitner and Byrd in the safety position. We have Butler, which is a promising start, but unless Wheatley and Wilhite magically re-appear, we'll need more help in this position. Hence, Robinson.

47. New England Patriots - Mardy Gilyard (WR, Cincinnati)

Other Players Available: Arrelious Benn (WR, Illinois), Jared Valdheer (OT, Hillside), Rob Gronkowski (TE, Arizona), Aaron Hernandez (TE, Florida), Patrick Robinson (CB, Florida State), Eric Norwood (OLB, South Carolina)

Thoughts: Mardy Gilyard would be an excellent pick-up, but I don't think that (shock!) WR is as much of a need this early. I'm willing to give Tate a shot, and we also have plenty of young players to try out on our team. If we are to upgrade at the WR position, I hope it will be with a veteran player. We have plenty of other positions with more pressing needs (OLB, TE, and, potentially, ILB) that I'll have to pass on Gilyard.

My Pick based on prior mock pick: Eric Norwood (OLB, South Carolina). So up to this point, we've selected Sergio Kindle and Corey Wootton. That covers the two most important positions of need. Since we've grabbed them, we can look to our "secondary" positions of needs, such as WR, TE, RB, CB, O-Line and LB. While Gilyard may be a little small, and although he can immediately contribute to all facets of his game (return, receive, special teams), WR isn't a position of youthful need. Gilyard isn't, in my opinion, going to be a #1 and would just provide depth on our roster. For a 2nd round pick, I want someone who will play and will be more than depth. Norwood would be an instant upgrade for our linebacking core. I think Thomas's days are numbered (think- draft day trade) and Norwood could push TBC for playing time. Kindle, Norwood and TBC would provide great LB players reminiscent of our Super Bowl days.

My Pick based on MY prior pick: Eric Norwood (OLB, South Carolina). We've taken Odrick and Robinson thus far, we need to address our OLB position. Norwood is a natural at this position, having played OLB for the past couple of years. For all the reasons listed above, Norwood is my choice.

53. New England Patriots - Aaron Hernandez (TE, Flordia)

Other Players Available: Mike Johnson (OG, Alabama), Rob Gronkowski (TE, Arizona), Eric Norwood (OLB, South Carolina), Patrick Robinson (CB, Florida State), Ricky Sapp (OLB/DE, Clemson), Tyson Alualu (DE/DT, California), Daryl Washington (LB, TCU)

Thoughts: Aaron Hernandez fills a position of immediate need and would be a great potential target in our offense. However, I think that our TEs are called upon to block more that receiver- and blocking is one of Hernandez's weak points. If I were to go for a TE at this position, I would go for Gronkowski based purely upon his size and his better blocking skills. However, much like how I don't think we'll grab a WR early because of Bethel Johnson/Chad Jackson experience or an RB because of Laurence Maroney/RBBC, I don't think we'll grab a TE early because of Watson. The TE position for us is not a glamor position- they're more of a trench guy. None of the top 3 TEs in this draft are blocking TEs, which is why I don't think we'll grab them, despite our immediate need- look for a late round TE pick.

My Pick based on prior mock pick: Daryl Washington (LB, TCU). So Kindle, Wootton and Gilyard have been selected. I know I could still pull the Norwood card- in fact, I could still pull the Patrick Robinson card too. I would have liked to grab Mike Johnson, but the fact that we invested so much into the interior line position in last year's draft prevents me from pulling the trigger and selecting him. Daryl Washington, while projected as an OLB in the 4-3, should play the 3-4 ILB position. Washington has a nose for making the stop, but he'll have to bulk up another 10-15 pounds to keep up with our other LBs. With 4 blocked punts, he'll make an immediate contribution on special teams, while he learns our defense and bulks up.

My Pick based on MY prior pick: Daryl Washington (LB, TCU). After selecting Odrick, Robinson and Norwood, I'm still a fan of further increasing the potential of our LB core. I would have liked to select an OT early, but weighing Odrick vs an OT, I had to go with Odrick and all the good OTs were gone by our next pick. Washington will be a contributing player who, in my opinion, mirrors Gary Guyton, but perhaps with a better nose for the ball.

So a summary of picks:

Live Draft: Kindle, Wootton, Gilyard, Hernandez

My Draft: Odrick, Robinson, Norwood, Washington

Adjusted Draft: Kindle, Wootton, Norwood, Washington

So that's my review of our Live Draft. What are your thoughts?