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New England Patriots Links 3/15/10 - Patriots Off-Season Workout Program Begins

<em>CB Darius Butler, shown here at the 2009 Combine, flew in from Florida to participate in the Pats off-season workout program</em>.
CB Darius Butler, shown here at the 2009 Combine, flew in from Florida to participate in the Pats off-season workout program.

Karen Guregian notes Rich Gannon discusses the importance of the QB being the CEO of the team.

Gannon believe Brady still has that cache with the Patriots [team stats] and that drive to succeed, even after a year away from the team rehabilitating his reconstructed knee, and with a lifestyle that now includes two children and marriage to a supermodel.

"There’s no question," Gannon said. "You talk about Brady, you talk about Manning, you talk about (Brett) Favre, and you could put Drew Brees in that category, these guys never miss practice, they don’t miss games, they don’t miss plays, they play at a high level, and there’s a reason for that. They’re masters of their domain."

Karen Guregian catches up with RB Sammy Morris at his appearance at Tufts University's annual "Read by the River" literacy fair.

Morris wouldn’t mind if the club finalized a deal with his former Buffalo Bills teammate Josh Reed, the wide receiver who was in for a free agent visit last week. "I know Josh well," Morris said. "I talked with him a couple of times. He’d be really big for our team. He’s a tough guy. He used to play running back. Just has a really tough guy mindset. I think he’ll bring a lot to the team."

"(Josh) has already visited," Morris said. "It’s not a matter of talking to him or trying to talk them into signing. It’s really just a matter of getting things worked out."

Steve Burton interviews Nick Caserio on Patriots All Access.

SB: Between the draft and fee agency, is this the busiest time for you? Is this a crazy time?

NC: Yeah, this morning I was actually scheduling some college trips, some workouts, so you have the college trips, you still have the free agent process. The owners' meetings are coming up where there will be some dialogues and some topics that are discussed, so there are a number of things that are into play from now until the draft and then even after the draft there will be some other things we need to look at as well.