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Former Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi Thinks Florida QB Tim Tebow is a Good Fit in New England

Sorry Teddy, you've done amazing things with the Patriots during your tenure, but every Patriots fan who enjoys yearly success is probably shaking their head in disagreement with your statement. Bruschi argues that since Coach Bill Belichick has had past success in taking risks on players that picking up Heaven God's Team Florida QB Tim Tebow would most likely yield positive results.

"My old coach Bill Belichick is kind of that guy," Bruschi said, pointing out recent draft picks like Brandon Tate (taken in the third round last year after he was coming off a serious ACL injury), Julian Edelman (a quarterback-turned-receiver) and Stephen Neal (a college wrestler who didn’t play football).

Bruschi makes a good point that we've been able to utilize Edelman and Neal to their fullest potential, however Tebow is in a different boat.

First of all, Tebow wants to play quarterback. He has mediocre skills, at best, at the quarterback position. He benefited from having great receivers who were able to get open against weak defenses, but his own skill set as a QB is average (as average as a potential NFL player can be) at best. His release is too slow, he's a run first QB, and has overall poor mechanics when throwing the ball.

Secondly, if Tebow doesn't play QB, he'll be playing another position, such as TE or FB due to his large size and mobility. That's okay if he was going to be a project, but seeing how Tebow was invited to New York for the NFL Draft, it means that he's projected to go in the first three rounds. See how the Pat White experiment has been a failure so far, I don't want to utilize one of our four early picks on a project.

Which brings me to my third point- Tebow isn't worth a first or second round pick. Julian Edelman was a 7th round selection- a low risk, high reward pick. Stephen Neal wasn't drafted. Tebow's not going to come into New England and play QB, which means that he's a high risk-average reward pick. Any passing play where we take the ball away from Tom Brady is a bad play and we aren't going to use an early pick on a player who will only play on a few gimmick plays (a la Pat White). If we wanted to grab a project for HB or TE, we'll probably wait until the 6th or 7th round where we have more picks than we know what to do with. If we want to grab an actual HB or TE, we're not going to grab Tebow- he's not an actual HB or TE.

Sorry Bruschi, but if Tebow has a future in the NFL, it won't be with the New England Patriots.