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Thanksgiving Present Comes Early- New England Patriots Get Lion for Dinner!

According to recent reports, the New England Patriots have been paired with the Detroit Lions for this upcoming year's Thanksgiving Football game on CBS. The reasoning is put into simple terms by Mike Reiss:

With CBS scheduled to televise the Lions' Thanksgiving game, the road team must be from the AFC. The only AFC teams scheduled to play in Detroit this season are the Jets and Patriots.

Since the Jets have been asked to host their own Thanksgiving game, that leaves the Patriots as the remaining team who the Lions would possibly face. This is great news! Not only do we get our Thanksgiving dinner, we have a high possibility of watching our Patriots team win while we eat. The last time we played the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, we pulled away a win with the score of 20-12. Now? We should hopefully win by even more.

This should be a good time for former Lions DB Leigh Bodden, who played in their 2008 Thanksgiving slaughter game against the Tennessee Titans where his Lions lost 41-10. Hopefully he will have a chance to redeem himself and create a new and vastly improved Thanksgiving memory. Bodden's excited for the opportunity.

"Growing up as a kid, you watch that game and you want to play on Thanksgiving," Bodden said. "I got to do it, but it wasn’t that great in Detroit. Hopefully if we play them this Thanksgiving, I can be on the winning end of it."

I know that we all can agree with Bodden. Let's hope we're on the winning end.