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New England Patriots to Get a Closer Look at Florida QB Tim Tebow

Oh Dear. SportingNews reports that the New England Patriots are looking into Tim Tebow. While I don't think that we have too much too worry about, it should be interesting how this effects the draft. Last season, we hosted Pat White which, I believe, led teams to overvalue him. If the Patriots might draft him in a certain round, it forced teams interested in him to draft White earlier than they would have liked. As a result, the Dolphins utilized the 44th overall pick, in the 2nd round, on the scrambling QB and he has been a pretty non-existent player on their offense.

My thoughts? We're doing the same thing again. If we show that we're "interested" in Tebow, and Tebow is invited to the draft, that means that we'll probably "use" a 2nd round pick on him. That means that whoever wants him will have to use an early 2nd round pick to grab him- a high risk move by that team, but a "necessary" one if they wish to grab the player they want. This not only potentially weakens an opposing team, but leaves an additional player on the board that the Patriots may be interested in.

So perhaps the Patriots are throwing smokescreens, or maybe they're actually interested. All the professional people in the ScoutingNews report are saying that Tebow has made huge improvements. Chad Henne says otherwise. Me? I'd wait and see. I don't want to use a 2nd round pick on a player that won't fill a position of need for us. Later in the draft? Maybe. He's a high character guy that would be a good locker room leader. I just don't see a position for him on the field.

Maybe we could keep him in the locker room.