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New England Patriots Links 3/19/10 - Meriweather Determined To Lead AFC In Interceptions

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<em>Brandon Meriweather with his first international interception against Tampa last season</em>.
Brandon Meriweather with his first international interception against Tampa last season.

Ian Rapoport notes Brandon Meriweather is determined to study what went wrong last year and how he plans to improve for this coming season.

"I watch the games that we did terrible in," Meriweather said after a conditioning workout. "I don’t watch the games where our secondary played its best game. I’m going to see what the Saints did so good and what we did so bad that made Drew Brees throw for 400 yards. I can go back and tell (my teammates) what I saw on the tape that we need to improve on."

"I want to watch a game where the communication wasn’t that good and the focus wasn’t there," said Meriweather, the former University of Miami product. "Where we got mentally tired and let up."

When he’s back in Miami visiting his 18-month-old daughter, Meriweather works out with [his mentor and Ravens star Ed Reed] and the rest of the ex-Hurricanes. He credits Reed with some success, but it’s not all fun and games.

"I’m very competitive so everything that he does, I try to do that much better," Meriweather said. "A lot of the things I do to make plays, I would’ve never did if he wouldn’t have told me to try it."

Ron Borges sets the talk radio crowd straight that has its panties in a bunch over the fact that Ty Warren and Tom Brady are not in Foxboro.

All this nonsense about how Brady may be less of a leader today than he was then because he’s not sweating with Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork is balderdash. Whatever day Brady first walks into the Patriots locker room, he’s the alpha male. If he tells Mayo to sit in the corner and be quiet, Mayo will. If he tells Wilfork to mind his own business, he will.

Whether Brady attends a voluntary workout in March or not, everyone knows he’s the most valuable Patriot since George Washington and just as much of a leader.

Tim Graham (ESPN) Wycheck: Crumpler still has plenty to give.

"It's a loss," Titans radio analyst and former tight end Frank Wycheck said of Crumpler's departure. "He's such a great professional, a stand-up guy win or lose. Theyr'e going to lose that leadership and that presence.

"The Patriots are getting a guy who fits the mold of what they've done over the years, bringing in guys you can trust to step up and play well."

"He really blocked well, something he hasn't gotten enough credit for over his career," Wycheck said. "He's a really stout blocker, really holds the edge well.