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Oklahoma Sooners TE Jermaine Gresham Hasn't Heard from the Patriots

According to the Boston Globe's Albert Breer, predicted 1st round pick and graded best overall tight end Jermain Gresham of the Oklahoma Sooners has yet to hear from the TE deprived New England Patriots. The 6'5, 261 lbs monster of a player is an enormous receiving threat, but a threat we'd most likely have to grab in the 1st round if we wanted him. With the Patriots not having talking to Gresham, it can lead us to two conclusions:

1) The Patriots will talk to him later because we NEED a Tight End and talking to the player regarded as the best in the nation would be an obvious first step.

2) The Patriots aren't interested in investing a first round pick on a Tight End (that worked well last time, right?) and realize that a receiving Tight End isn't worth the pick. Especially when we have so many other needs. Especially when we don't really throw to our Tight Ends. Especially when our Tight Ends are primarily blockers.

Gresham seems like a good team player and I would love to have him on the Patriots- just not at the price of a first rounder.