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New England Patriots Rewarded Four Compensatory Draft Picks

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the New England Patriots have been awarded 4 compensatory draft picks- one in the 6th round and three in the 7th round. Late last week I ran an article explaining the mystery surrounding the compensatory picks, along with AdamJT13's predictions for us. Needless to say, he was spot on.


1st Compensatory Pick of the 7th Round: New England (Jabar Gaffney, $2.5 million, 16/7) possibly a sixth-round pick

11th: New England (Lonie Paxton, $1.03 million, 16/0)

12th: New England (Heath Evans, $1.05 million, 6/5)

13th: New England (LaMont Jordan, $1.01 million, 9/0)

This means great things for us. We received the greatest quantity of compensatory picks this draft, which hopefully translates into some great late-round pick ups.

According to, these are the Patriots compensatory picks.

Round 6

New England -- 205

Round 7

New England -- 247

New England -- 248

New England -- 250