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New England Patriots Links 3/23/10 - Agent: Mankins 'So Mad He Can't See Straight'

<em>Breakfast with Belichick</em>.
Breakfast with Belichick.

Mike Reiss said Bill Belichick touched on Logan Mankins' absence this morning:

"I’ve spoken with Logan a couple times and we’ll leave those conversations privately," Belichick said. "Logan is a good player. He’s done a good job for us. I’m sure it will all get worked out in the end."

Asked if keeping all players happy with their contract status was one of the toughest parts of the job, Belichick said: "That’s the NFL. That’s one of the challenges."

Tom E. Curran notes Belichick loves him some Tebow.

"Great career, great player," Belichick said when the subject of the Gators quarterback was broached. "I think it's obvious within the last six weeks his mechanics (are being worked on) and they've improved. Which is a credit to him, he's really coachable and he works very hard. I'm sure that whatever he feels he needs to do he'll work very hard at, whatever that is. Athletically, he tested very well at the Combine which you can see on the field."

When asked if he felt Tebow would be willing or able to make a position switch when he gets to the NFL, Belichick said, "My sense of Tim Tebow is, if you asked him to play nose he'd play nose. I think he's that kind of kid. Whatever you asked him to do, he'd do."

What kind of nose tackle would he be? "He'd be one of the faster ones," Belichick replied. "I don't know what a team would do with him but he's a really interesting player. He's had a great career. It speaks for itself. Second-leading passer in SEC history. Tremendous production. (The Gators) hardly ever lose. There's a lot to like."

Mike Reiss offers the transcript of his one-on-one interview with Bill Belichick.

Q: On a personal note, how much longer do you want to keep doing this? Are you still energized?

A: "Yeah. I don't have any number on it, but I'm excited about the 2010 team. I think we have a long way to go. I hope that we can put together a good club. I know this will be a very competitive division -- the Jets played in the AFC championship game, the Dolphins won the division two years ago. I'm sure Buffalo will be re-energized with Chan [Gailey]. It's a real competitive situation and I hope our team can be competitive in our division and in the AFC, which is also very strong, with the North and of course Indy in the South, and the West, we'll see San Diego. There are some other strong teams out there too."