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New England Patriots Links 3/25/10 - Good Signs From The Locker Room: Patriots Loose, Relaxed, Working Hard

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<em>Veteran leaders Brady and Moss keeping things loose in the locker room</em>.
Veteran leaders Brady and Moss keeping things loose in the locker room.

Jeff Howe on NESN Sports Desk talks about the full house at Gillette, how loose the locker room is, how much the guys love having Randy Moss around, Brady's contract, the Draft, Tim Tebow and more. (5 min. video)

It's a good atmosphere.  Guys are really excited to be back.  It's basically a full house with the exception of very few people and that's a rare thing around the NFL these days.  I was talking with somebody who was down there who has been with other teams and said that he was surprised at how many people have showed up, and not just in the last week but day one.  At least 40 guys showed up the first day.

They're loose, they're relaxed, they're in the weight room, they're working hard, they're playing basketball together.  It's a really good sign for this team that's trying to resolve some of the chemistry issues they had last year.

They love [Randy Moss] down there.  I asked somebody about this not too long ago and they said that this is somebody that they need in that locker room.  He's just this funny guy, they love him down there, he really loosens things up.  He's been playing basketball with the guys and really having a good time down there.  He really brings that team together.  He may not be the most vocal person with the media, but the guys in that locker room love having him down there.

David Patten on the importance of offseason workouts.

"This is when you build that connection, during the offseason -- just coming out here, playing catch, going through the motions, hanging out, having fun with it.  Once the season starts, there's so much pressure, so much riding on it.  Now, it's kind of laid back.  You just get to know one another and just have fun with it."

Ian Rapoport looks at the TE position as broken down by Pro Fooball Focus.

According to their analysis, Alge Crumpler is the 9th best TE overall, 2 spots ahead of Chris Baker and 26 spots ahead of Ben Watson.

In run-blocking, Crumpler is seventh. In pass-catching, Crumpler is 31st. In pass-blocking, he’s 15th. In penalties, he was 10th. In the "thrown-at" categories, he’s 31st. See the pattern? Tough, good blocker, not involved in pass-catching, very involved in pass-blocking. That’s what you got.