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Patriots LB Shawn Crable Going to Give His All

In a great article by the Boston Herald's Ian Rappoport, we get a better look into the enigma known better as New England Patriots OLB Shawn Crable. Crable has all the measurements to be an incredible professional. He has the size, the weight and the potential. If only the 6'5, 243 pounder could stay on the field.

He's happy the Patriots are giving him another chance to prove himself.

"People always tell you, ‘Look at the bright side, now you might not see it, but there’s a blessing in it somewhere," Crable told me after a workout today. "Now, I’ve seen guys who came in with me that weren’t injured, and they’re gone. Then, you sit and you look at me, I’ve been injured for two years, and I’m still here. They’re still talking to me, giving me an opportunity. I could’ve easily been gone. For me, that’s a blessing to still be sitting here three years later and two injuries, like hey, I still have an opportunity to have a job coming into this year."

After two years of riding the IR list, this is Crable's time to shine- it may be his last chance. He's been preparing himself physically and mentally as he attempts to re-enter the league and clear a mental hurdle set up by his two years of injuries. Crable's itching to play.

"I’m a little bit withdrawn from football," Crable said. "I watch it, do things like that, but when you play football, you have aches and pains and you have the feeling of waking up every morning and being like, ‘Let’s go do it again.’ For the last two years, I haven’t had those. It’s kinda been family and whatever else I want to do. I’m looking forward to settling back in and playing football. I love playing football."

Crable, we want to see you loving football during the regular season.

Bring it.