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Patriots LB Jerod Mayo Steps Into His Leadership Role Off the Field

In a Boston Globe article, it appears that Patriots LB and defensive captain Jerod Mayo is making his presence known on and off the field. Mayo held the "Mayo Bowl", a bowling tournament, in order to raise funds for grants for New England children. Mayo has stated this off-season that he's ready to assume a greater leadership role on the team, and he's found the best leader around to emulate.

"You know, I try to model my career after Tedy Bruschi as far as in the community and things he does," Mayo said. "He's made a major impact here. Even though he's not playing anymore, he's still living here, so that's something I want to do. Anytime you're able to give back to the community that's a major thing."

Mayo is winning big points with his words this off-season and with many teammates and staff members in attendance at the Mayo Bowl, hopefully he's rubbing off on them. He's doing everything he can correctly and he's starting to build a locker room of teammates instead of a locker room of players. Other players in attendance were Matt Light, Pat Chung, Brandon McGowan, Eric Alexander, James Sanders, Brandon Tate, Tyrone McKenzie and more.

Mayo is doing a great job at being the face of our franchise. Keep up the great work!