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Patriots Receiver Randy Moss Likes to Swim

According to a recent report by the Boston Herald, New England Patriots WR Randy Moss has taken to swimming to gain strength. Swimming is a great activity for those players who have been injured because it's high effort, low impact training that builds strength while preventing injury. It seems that Moss has been encouraging other players who have been injured to try out this training method.

"Well, I tried swimming in the pool the other day," Crable told me. "Randy (Moss) told us about swimming. So me and Thomas (Williams) got in the pool, trying to swim. Found out I’m no Michael Phelps. No Michael Phelps at all. You know, if you go out on a boat, you want to see shore, you think you can swim, no matter what type of waves there are… nah."

"Yeah, Randy definitely put me on to swim," Williams said, while attending Jerod Mayo’s charity event. "So that was interesting and fun and difficult."

Oh, the jokes. Excellent. And in case you're wondering if the players in the pool are missing out on the strength training of those non-aquatic trainers, guess again. The pool boys are putting themselves through whatever they can manage in order to get stronger.

"I’m kinda cheating the system right now," [Crable] said. " I swim in the pool, I work out, and try to do stuff where I don’t have to put weight on my back . . . I’m really trying to get better and find new ways to get stronger rather than have to do it the old-fashioned way." . . .

With this training, hopefully our injured players have a fast road to recovery and can start contributing much earlier than expected. Something not to overlook is the fact that Moss is encouraging everyone. Moss is doing. IR, unproven LB Shawn Crable is doing it. Practice squad LB Thomas Williams is doing it. Moss is reaching out to everyone on the team in attempts to get everyone healthy and ready for the season.

Sounds like Moss has a problem.*

(*note: Does not actually sound like Moss has a problem)