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New England Patriots Links 3/03/10 - Public Service Announcement: Jerod Mayo Full-Time in Foxboro

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<em>PSA: Jerod Mayo would like to have the same impact on the community as Tedy Bruschi has.</em>
PSA: Jerod Mayo would like to have the same impact on the community as Tedy Bruschi has.

Tom E. Curran notes Bart Scott's public lobbying for Adalius Thomas to join him is less than shrewd, but the Patriots can make it difficult for AD to reunite with Rex Ryan.

[M]ost (myself included) have theorized the Patriots will release Thomas ASAP. Soon thereafter, he'll sign with the Jets and join his old defensive coordinator Rex Ryan and former teammate Bart Scott where he can torment the Patriots like Mr. Spacely used to get to George Jetson.

In fact, Scott talked about this very possibility on ESPN Radio, saying, "I was hanging with Adalius Thomas for Super Bowl weekend . . . He made it public that he's expressed interest in joining [Ryan]. I think some of his better years of his career have been a part of the Ravens defense and under Rex Ryan's tutelage. It'll be exciting."

But the Patriots can hang on to AD for a good long while. Without a salary cap, the Patriots are in no rush to unload his deal because of finances. They don't have to pay him until the games start. They can merely wait through free agency, the draft, hell, right into training camp. And then, when all the outside linebacker chairs are filled up around the league, they can release AD.

Ian Rapoport thinks Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski may receive the lowest RFA tender.

Gostkowski is solid, very good even, and the Patriots want to keep him. But a two-year guaranteed contract worth a total of $5 million — which is what it would be with two consecutive years of first-round RFA tenders — is a ton for a kicker. It’s almost the average of the top 5 kickers (franchise tag), which is now at $2.8 million.

Instead, the Patriots may tender him at the lowest level, then allow other teams to essentially work out the contract for them. He can shop himself around, see what he’s worth, then watch teams work up a deal. Perhaps he finds a four-year, $10-million deal with a nice signing bonus and a bunch guaranteed. That’s the same as what the Pats would pay per-year for a two-year deal, but it also offers Gostkowski the up-front money and security he’d like. By year three for the Patriots, it’s a bargain.

Or maybe, the deal comes in at four years and $8 million, the Pats match it, and save money. The only risk — and it’s a decent risk — is that someone tries to pay him Sebastian Janikowski money of four years and $16 million. Then the Pats don’t match, lose their kicker, and are on the market.

But it seems like a risk worth taking.