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Patriots "Sea Bass" makes the grade

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It's cool when a rookie gets some love.  It's also very cool when said rookie can step in and take over one of the toughest offensive line positions: that of protecting the quarterback's blind side.  Matt Light, our "Mr. Reliable" at left tackle, had to soak in the whirlpool for a few games in 2009, so who did they call?  A 6-8 315 lb German named Sebastian Vollmer.  Here Vollmer, take over Matt Light's job and, by the way, you need to do it during one of the biggest regular season games, against the Colts, in Indy.

Sure, Sebastian had a little help with Dwight Freeney due to some very creative chip-and-runs by our wide receivers, but the young lad did a standup job of holding his own.  So standup that he ranked 5th in "Pass Blocking Productivity" among the Top 10 Left Tackles according, to, a stats website.

Vollmer's a steal at $310,000 compared to Matt Light at $4,250,000 and Sea Bass is tied up until 2012 while Light's contract expires after the 2010 season.  Considering how well Vollmer did and that he's insanely cheap, Matt Light has lost a bit of negotiating power.  I'm a diehard fan and very respectful of everything Light has done for this franchise, but bidness is bidness.