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Oakland Raiders Watch: How Their Off-Season Affects the Patriots

It's no secret that all but one poster here at the Pulpit wish the Raiders the worst of luck this upcoming season. With JaMarcus Russell showing up almost as large as Richard Seymour and with Al Davis making terrible, and I mean terrible, draft selections, there's always a definite chance that the Raiders end up in the cellar of the NFL.

Recently, however, there have been links between constantly hated on Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and the Oakland Raiders. The Eagles may pull a Packers move and get rid of their old veteran QB in order to start anew with a young, inexperienced, but extremely talented back-up. How does this affect the Patriots?

The Raiders have managed to stay competitive in most games, but they never pull away with the win. Is McNabb their missing piece? Would he be able to push the Raiders into mediocrity or- shock and awe- playoff contention? The Raiders have been a top 10 draft team since 2006 and, since the Patriots own their 2011 first round selection, we're all crossing our fingers and hoping for a similar result this upcoming season.

Is McNabb going to screw up our top 10 pick? Or will the rumors prove to be false and the Raiders remain a bottom rung team?

I'm hoping Philadelphia keeps McNabb for another year.