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Our New England Patriots Off-Season Wish List

We got Leigh Bodden. We got Vince Wilfork. We got Tully Banta-Cain. We got Stephen Neal. We're on our way to getting Logan Mankins and Stephen Gostkowski. All things concerned, we just had an excellent off-season. We've retained veterans, who are entering their primes, in crucial positions. Most importantly, we've signed players that we know can flourish in this system. However, now is no time to rest! There is still much of an off-season to be had- players to wish for and deals to be made.

We lost Chris Baker. Ben Watson is probably looking at the door. We said good-bye to Jarvis Green. How can we fix this team? Well, close your eyes, take a deep breath and wish upon a star- I'm going to go out on a limb (even though I think it's a sturdy one!) and throw out some names of players that I think would greatly benefit our team. I hope they're reasonable enough!

Feel free to join the fun!

Running Backs:

Pierre Thomas, New Orleans Saints - Tendered for a 2nd rounder. Would you be willing to give up a 2nd rounder for the PT Cruiser?

Jerome Harrison, Cleveland Browns - Also tendered for a 2nd rounder. He had an incredible run (hah!) at the end of last season, even though defenses KNEW he'd be running the ball.

Kevin Faulk! - Duh.

Verdict: Would you be willing to trade 2nd rounders for a top back in our committee? While it seems enticing, I wouldn't be able to pull the trigger. I want my second round picks to be every down players- not 50% snap players.

Wide Receivers:

Lance Moore, New Orleans Saints - 2nd round tender. He was injured last season, but he has lots of skill. Is he worth taking a risk for a potential #2 receiver?

Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bills - Nothing! He's a potential headache, but he'd at least be able to play as a solid #3. I wouldn't want him though!

Josh Reed, Buffalo Bills - He'd be a good solid pick-up, who knows the game and has a nose for the extra yard.

Verdict: I'm happy with our receiving core (SHOCK!). I think a healthy Moss who is utilized correctly (slants galore!) can still instill fear into opposing defenses. Edelman, in my opinion, is ready to be just as good as, if not (more shock!) better than Welker. He's bigger and just as quick. Give him a year of learning how to player receiver and I think he'll shine. I want to give Brandon Tate a chance to play as our #3 as well. That said, I wouldn't mind picking up Reed as an insurance receiver.

Tight Ends:


Verdict: Hello draft! Also, hello potential new idea for a position... (coming soon!)

Offensive Tackle:

Jared Gaither, Baltimore Ravens - 1st round tender. Would you give up our first so we could have the best tackle tandem in football?

Verdict: We tend to draft O-Line extremely well, probably thanks to Scarneccia. I say we stay put, hold onto our 1st and spend a 2nd on a tackle for the future.

Offensive Guard + Center:


Verdict: Let's sign Mankins to the long term! We have plenty of interior lineman for the future. I'm not worried.

Defensive End + Defensive Tackle:

Dwan Edwards, Baltimore Ravens - Nothing! At 6'3, 290 lbs, he's a monster who should warrant some looks from us. He's 28, so I wouldn't mind looking at him and signing him for a 3 year deal! He's strong against the run, which is definitely something we need to improve!

Verdict: Let's bring in Edwards! He seems like an interesting prospect and, if it works out, it will help shore out our D-Line! We have Myron Pryor, Mike Wright and Ron Brace on the line, with Daryl Richards on the practice squad, but any chance at finding an immediate impact player would be huge. By bringing in Edwards, the Patriots are allowed to put off picking up an early pick DE this year so we can use our 4 early picks this year on other positions. We can then utilize our Raiders pick next year on the top 3-4 DE in the draft! Huzzah!

Outside Linebacker:

Derrick Burgess! - Nothing! He seemed to struggle at first this past season, but once he had a grasp of the Patriots defense, he started to show great improvement (3 sacks in the last 4 games). Bringing back another veteran, at a probably reduced cost? Absolutely!

Verdict: Say hello to Burgess for another year! In an absurdly deep OLB/DE draft, getting Burgess for veteran depth would be a wise decision. We can utilize him early on as our rookie OLB/DE gets a hold of the ropes. Absolutely bring Burgess back and absolutely draft another one!

Inside Linebacker:

Kirk Morrison, Oakland Raiders - 3rd round tender. Oh no, we don't have a 3rd rounder! Oh well, I'm sure we could make a deal.

Larry Foote, Detroit Lions - Nothing! A veteran who can play in the 3-4.

Verdict: Let's make a deal! We have Gary Guyton, Jerod Mayo and Tyrone McKenzie on our team with very little behind them. We need to get some proven veteran depth- Larry Foote provides that! He's played in the scheme and he knows how to do it well. He's been around the block and could fight for that middle spot next to Mayo. Kirk Morrison is more of a liability against the pass than Foote, but is a much better run defender- I wouldn't mind looking at him as well.


Richard Marshall, Caroline Panthers - 2nd round tender. He'd be an excellent #2 corner and is only 25 years old so he can improve. He played on the leaky Panthers defense, so perhaps if he came to us he would improve a lot. Is he worth the 2nd?

Phillip Buchanon, Detroit Lions - Nothing! The last Lion we picked up at CB worked out pretty well- and he put up similar stats in Detroit as Buchanon did. Maybe if we grab him and put him on a GOOD defense, he'll rise to the challenge and be an excellent #2 corner!

Darren Sharper, New Orleans Saints - Nothing! He would be a veteran presence in our young secondary (and can go reminisce about the past with Shawn Springs). He can still ball, but how needed is he with our young safeties?

Verdict: Let's bring in Buchanon! I think he could resurrect himself and, if not, he'd be a solid nickel back for a year. Let's give him the same treatment as Leigh Bodden- a 1 year contract where can prove himself. We have Darius Butler waiting in the wings (who I think could push for #2 next year) as well as have Springs, Terrence Wheatley and Jonathan Wilhite. I wouldn't mind bringing in Marshall for a look, either!

So there's who I'm interested in. What about you?

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