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Bill Belichick press conference regarding 2010 pre-season schedule

The following is a transcript from a Patriots press conference featuring head coach Bill Belichick on the recently released 2010 pre-season schedule:

Bill Belichick Press Conference Transcript

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his press conference on the 2010 NFL pre-season schedule.

BB: We are, um, obviously very excited about the, um, upcoming season. We have a lot of our guys, you know, here with us for... off-season workouts. We're, uh, moving on here. There are definitely a lot of things that we need to work on. But, um, we're excited about what we, um, want to do. We've been down this road before. I think we are, uh, on the right track in terms of where we, uh, want to be. And all that. As you know, during the course of the, uh, week sometimes things, uh, fluctuate a little bit and you, obviously, want to make sure your, uh, team is focused on a particular area.

(Coach shuffles feet, avoids all eye contact with people in the room)

So, I'll open it up to, uh, any questions you have.

(On facing the defending World Champion Saints in the second week of pre-season?)

BB: They're, obviously, a great team. We have tremendous respect for them and, uh, what they do. We're looking forward to the upcoming year... excited about, uh, the things we want to do.

(On concerns that the coaches will have enough evaluation time between playing the Saints and then playing the Falcons in Atlanta on August 19th at 8pm on FOX)

BB: We feel that, uh, we definitely have a lot of things that, uh, we need to work on. But, obviously, a lot of our guys are here with us. We've been down this road before.

(On facing the NY Giants in pre-season. It's the first time you've faced them since Super Bowl 42. What are your thoughts on that)

BB: I think that, uh, we're on the right track. We're, uh, moving on here. Definitely, we're where we want to be.

(On whether or not Erin Andrews should be voted off Dancing with the Stars)

BB: Sometimes things, uh, fluctuate a little bit. Obviously, uh, our team is focused on a particular area.

(Sound of crickets)

BB: Thanks everyone.

(end of press conference)

Based on the wealth of information from this lengthy press conference, look for Ron Borges to draw the following conclusions:

  • That the Patriots do not respect the Saints
  • That the loss in Super bowl 42 is STILL haunting the Patriots
  • That Erin Andrews' boobs are distracting Bill Belichick at a critical time of the year when the focus should be totally and completely on the draft.

erin @ Yahoo! Video