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I'm tired of watching my Colts quit on me; switching to rooting for Patriots today

BBS brings the sledge to Pats Pulpit. image: <a href=""></a>
BBS brings the sledge to Pats Pulpit. image:

Greetings Patriots fans. I'm BigBlueShoe.


OK, I guess I've lost about half the regular Pats Pulpit audience just by posting those two sentences. For the rest of you still paying attention, I want you to know that I've grown sick and tired of my Colts team quitting on regular season games, thumbing their nose at perfect seasons, and forgetting how to play defense in key playoff games.

I mean seriously, how much pain can one fan take!

Therefore, for today, I've decided to become a stark raving mad Patriots fan. For some reason, regular Pats Pulpit blogger Richard Hill decided to switch ranks on the same day and become a Colts fan over at Stampede Blue.

Whatever. "F" that loser!

I mean, it's hard not to love a team that has won 112 games, 12 playoff games, 7 AFC East titles, and 3 Super Bowls in 10 years, as the Patriots have done. I realize that I have taken some pretty big shots at the Pats in the past, and for that reason you might be a little skeptical of me coming here and becoming a true fan of the "Flying Elvii." So, to prove my loyalty, I've decided to do two things:

  • Sacrifice a live goat at the alter of Bob Kraft, and
  • Use my wit and powers of douchebaggery to take shots at players and situations that clearly damage the Patriots chances of winning the Super Bowl in 2010.

So, expect a few sledgehammer swings to the testicles of Adalius Thomas, Ron Borges, and anyone else who clearly does not understand "The Patriots Way." Who knows. While here, I might pick up on the obvious notion that the Patriots are indeed one of the greatest organizations in the history of pro football.

I'm excited to follow OUR team for today. Go Pats!