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New England Patriots Links 4/01/10 - Welcome To Draft Month (Finally!)

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<em>An example of how, for some people, April Fools Day is <a href="">a way of life</a></em>.
An example of how, for some people, April Fools Day is a way of life.

Mike Reiss details the high-intensity offseason program Alge Crumpler is banking on to help him turn back the clock and thrive with the Patriots.

The 32-year-old Crumpler is currently on the 10th day of a six-week stay at the Louisiana headquarters of Mackie Shilstone.

"It's career extension and an optimization of health based on biomechanical and metabolic individuality relative to his position in football," said Shilstone, who described his work as "sports performance management."

In working with the 59-year-old Shilstone and his "Fitness Principle," Crumpler appears to be making an aggressive commitment toward returning to the physical condition that helped him earn four Pro Bowl berths earlier in his career with the Atlanta Falcons.

"I do this because it's a passion, not a pension. It's my passion to make my clients better," Shilstone said. "Alge is investing in himself to be better for his team. He's compliant, and he's now doing three-a-days. He's truly gotten into this."

Vickie Fulkerson (The Day newspaper, New London, CT) Geno Auriemma, head coach of UConn's women's basketball team that has won 76 games straight, said Bill Belichick is someone who appreciates what he and his team have accomplished.

One of them is New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who understands the pressures of winning just perfectly. "I'll hear from him telling me, 'You guys are unbelievable. You continue to raise the bar. You guys are amazing,'" said Auriemma, whose team is headed to its third straight Final Four.

"I think people that have done great things, they appreciate how hard it is to do. "They appreciate how hard it is for kids to play this hard all the time and compete and try to get it right all the time. To see it being done the way it's being done by these particular players is just, I think anybody who appreciates that kind of stuff, is really taken by it."