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Patriots Draft Hits: Cornerbacks and Quarterbacks

The National Football Post is reporting that Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson is having an official visit with the New England Patriots. He's been ranked the #2 cornerback in the draft by pretty much everyone and even passed Florida CB Joe Haden for a short while after Haden ran a poor 40 time (an arguably point, but still shows how close some "experts" believe Haden and Wilson are if a poor 40 time is the only separation). Wilson is a first round pick who probably won't be on the board when the Patriots draft- but the Patriots are most likely rounding out their first round draft board with this visit.

Out of the quarterbacks in the draft, the Patriots have already workout out Cincinnati's Tony Pike, Florida's Tim Tebow and Oklahoma State's Zac Robinson. WEEI is reporting that Northwestern's Mike Kakfa and Florida Atlantic's Rusty Smith. Kafka is known for his accuracy and, judging by his attendance at NW, is intelligent- two qualities the Patriots regard highly in their quarterbacks. Both Smith and Kafka are projected to be late round picks or undrafted- right where the Patriots also like their quarterbacks. They'll be low risk, high reward as they can push Brian Hoyer for the #2 spot and, if they work out, we could most likely trade them for a higher draft pick a la Matt Cassel.

So while these visits don't mean much, since Wilson most likely isn't going to be around for the Patriots pick and the Patriots don't really need a young QB on the team- and they certainly won't be taking the job from Brady- but these visits show that the Patriots are leaving no stone unturned. The Patriots are entering the final stages of their draft preparation and the quarterbacks, as late round picks, would have a great opportunity the Patriots actually do select them.