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New England Patriots Links 4/12/10 - Pats' Draft Board Set; Jets Load Up

<em>DL Myron Pryor is gearing up to make the best impression he can for his second season</em>.
DL Myron Pryor is gearing up to make the best impression he can for his second season.

Mike Reiss offers a Q&A with DL Myron Pryor, one of the Patriots' pleasant surprises in the 2009 season.

"My top goal is to make it on the team. Second is to be the healthiest, most-in-shape that I can be, because I want to make the best impression for the second year. My third one is focused on team chemistry. I want the team to feel like a team. I’m not saying any names, but I feel like guys didn’t always come together. Some guys, when we did come together, I thought we played helluva ball. That’s the third goal -- you saw half the guys ready, and the other half ... we need that team chemistry. It’s not just from a personal goal, but an overall team goal, because I care about my teammates."

Karen Guregian reports Mike Wright doesn't buy the concept that players perform better for coaches who are more engaged on the sidelines.

"For me personally, it doesn’t matter," Wright said Thursday. "It doesn’t do anything for me (having a coach throw fist pumps). I look for a great leader, when you look at a head coach. I think we have that in Coach Belichick. He’s a guy you learn from every day. He’s a guy you want to succeed for, and I’m just happy to be on this team and be coached by him."

"I’m not into the rah-rah stuff," Wright said. "You can’t ask for more than what he gives us. Every week, he puts us in a position to win. He’s the first one here in the morning, and the last one to leave. He’s nonstop with it. I know for a fact that everybody on this team trusts in him. I think when you have that, good things come. That’s why they’ve been so successful here."

Keith Sargeant (Asbury Park Press) Belichick speaks at Rutgers Coaching Clinic.

"Some guys get drafted on talent; some guys stay because they work hard and they know how to be a professional player. And that's part of what they learn here. They learn to play football." Belichick, whose career record stands at 163-97, said coaching equates to teaching no matter what level a coach attains. "We're all in the same business," he said.

"Be a teacher, get the kids better and get results better. That's what we're all here for. To be here on a Friday in the spring, it's because we all love football and want to be better at it. We all have in that in common, regardless of whether we're a high school coach, college coach, pro coach or coach offense, defense, Wing-T, run-and-shoot, the wide-tackle 6. "It's all about coaching."