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10 Days to the Draft: USC OT, Charles Brown

With the Draft fast approaching, it's time to start looking at some potential players for the Patriots. I'm going to put profiles of 2 players a day- one offense, one defensive- and gain a better understanding of the players in the draft.

USC's Charles Brown was a two year starter for one of the premier college programs in the country. He protected GQ's Mark Sanchez for a season and rose into national focus and his solid senior year protecting freshman Matt Barkley kept his draft stock high. Brown, a former tight end, has the athleticism to hang with the most skilled defensive ends and he has the size to play tackle in the NFL. He lacks the strength to play through the whistle against the strongest opponents, which means that he most likely won't be able to play right tackle. With his massive wing span, his mediocre bench press count loses some weight, but he needs to increase his strength before stepping into a starting role. Originally projected as an end-of-the-first-round draft pick, his stock has risen throughout the off-season and has been projected as high as top 15. Is he worth a first?

His measurements and some quotes after the jump. Scouting

Height: 6-5. Weight: 303.
Projected 40 Time: 5.06.
Pro Day 40 Time: 5.25.
Benchx225: 21. Arm: 35 1/4.

Summary: The weigh-ins for Brown at the Senior Bowl and Combine are CRITICAL. If he can't hit the 300-pound mark it is likely that he is destined for the second round much like 2009's William Beatty. Brown has the talent and consistency of a top-20 pick, but I really wonder how much bigger can he get and maintain as a comfortable playing weight. Brown is a great fit for teams like Green Bay, New England, and Oakland that use zone-blocking schemes that emphasize athleticism, mobility, intelligence and technique. Brown is a bad fit for teams that love size such as Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

Click the link for a much more in-depth player profile! Scouting

03/26/2010 - TOP RATED NFL DRAFT SCOUT OFFENSIVE TACKLES: Charles Brown, Southern California, 6-6, 303, 1-2: Brown is a former tight end who made the transition to offensive tackle in 2005, a switch made by many successful NFL linemen. Brown first impressed scouts by protecting the blind side of former Trojans quarterback Mark Sanchez. He has displayed ample athletic ability to be considered a left tackle prospect in the NFL. However, Brown is still learning the tricks of the trade and will need to fill out his frame to handle stronger defensive ends in the pros. He won the Pacific-10 Morris Trophy for offensive linemen, which is a considerable honor because it is determined by votes from defensive linemen in the conference. - Frank Cooney, The Sports Xchange, Sports/USA TODAY Scouting


Brown is a converted tight end that has played on the offensive line for four years at Southern California. He is an athletic lineman that relies on his foot quickness, agility and ability to recover and sustain blocks more than raw power. He should get his first shot on the left side thanks to his athleticism and speed and could develop into a quality starter in time. He does not finish blocks off on a consistent basis and still needs to develop more tenacity and toughness. Brown is a natural knee bender that does a good job of playing under his pads and on his feet.


Brown has good height and adequate frame. Has long arms and an effective punch to get inside defenders. He is athletic with a quick first step and lateral agility. Bends knees well to gain leverage. Played in a pro scheme and has good instincts for the game.


Does not have the necessary bulk and will need to gain weight. Can lunge at defenders and does not have a strong initial surge. Does not play with a mean streak and is inconsistent finishing off blocks.

Verdict: Is he worth a first? Brown won't be stepping into a starting role immediately, which, in my opinion, diminishes his value as a first round pick. With our current needs, our first round pick will need to play at least 1 down every set and I can't see Brown doing that this year. If we didn't need a pass rush, I absolutely would select Brown. However, since any tackle we select will be a one season project behind Matt Light, we most likely will grab the best defensive players early and select a project tackle later on in the draft.