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New England Patriots Links 4/14/10 - Belichick Likes Where The Pats Stand

<em>With so many draft picks this year, including 3 second rounders, no wonder he's smiling</em>.
With so many draft picks this year, including 3 second rounders, no wonder he's smiling.

Ian Rapoport spoke to Bill Belichick on the upcoming Draft.

"There’s certainly a lot of interesting guys out there," the Patriots coach told the Herald yesterday. "To pick with multiple picks in the second round, that’s something we’re glad we’ll have the opportunity to do. I think there’ll be players beyond the first round that’ll be appealing."

He also left the door open on moving up to pluck a coveted player. "Sometimes, what you think it’ll take in terms of compensation or draft choices, it’s different than that, so there’s no way to really predict," said Belichick, who is still preparing with his staff. "It’s like you got to do your homework, prepare for the final exam, and then see what questions are on the test."

Belichick responded that for players who don’t physically fit their mold, "It’s certainly not a deal breaker." "Ultimately, you grade the player based on how good he is," he said. "You have a standard for each position - height, weight and speed. If a player is less than that in a certain area, you can still give him a high grade, you just make a note that this player is short. It’s certainly not a deal breaker. But statistically, there’s a certain height and speed that players have in the NFL, and you just want to acknowledge that we think this guy’s a good player but he’s a little less than what everybody else is at that position on average.

Shalise Manza Young checks in with Vince Wilfork yesterday, who said it was too early to reveal who he'd select in the first round of the Draft.

Asked how he would like the Patriots to use their 12 selections this year, Wilfork said with a hearty chuckle, "D-linemen! I hope all our picks are defensive picks.’’