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New England Patriots Draft: College Player Visits

The guys over at New England Patriots Draft have always done a great job with Patriots draft information. I highly recommend checking out the blog for some great insight into who the Patriots are looking at in the draft, as well as any additional information that might pertain to the big day.

Their recent post about players who have had official visits and private workouts is a long and well put together list. Please go check it out before your continue reading!

Okay, now that you have looked at the list of players, I'll give you a general idea of what I think this means for our draft.

Quarterback - We'll grab a quarterback in the 7th/FA to push Hoyer.

Running Back - We won't grab an RB until the 7th/FA, if at all.

Wide Receivers - We'll be grabbing a WR in the 2nd or 4th.

Tight Ends - We'll be grabbing a TE in the 4th and/or later.

Offensive Linemen - We won't grab an OT until the 7th round, we might grab a center if the value is right.

Defensive Linemen - We will grab a DE in the first two rounds.

Outside Linebackers - We will grab an OLB in the first two rounds.

Inside Linebackers - We won't take an ILB in the 2nd, if at all.

Defensive Backs - We will grab a DB in the 2nd to solidify our defensive backfield.

Specialists - We will grab a punter in the 6th or 7th.


So my draft prediction if we keep our current picks:

First Round:


Second Round:


2. DB

3. WR

Fourth Round:

1. TE

Sixth Round:

1. OLB

2. Offensive Tackle

Seventh Round:

1. Punter

2. Quarterback

3. Offensive Interior Lineman

4. Running Back

5. Tight End


What do you think these draft visits and workouts mean?