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New England Patriots Links 4/15/10 - Patriots Draft Need: Punter?

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Erik Scalavino offers some tidbits from Bill Belichick's pre-draft press conference.

"Having four picks in the first two rounds certainly gives us the flexibility to move from where we at if we feel that's the right thing to do," said Belichick, "or I'm sure if we pick four players that they will be four good quality guys. So we'll see how all that turns out. In the end, we'll just try to do our homework and be prepared for whatever the opportunities are."

"I think [Tim Tebow has] got real good ability; I don't think there's any question about that," Belichick replied. "He's the second or third leading passer in SEC history. His résumé speaks for itself. He's an outstanding football player and he's an outstanding person."

"I've met and talked to Tim on a number of different occasions," Belichick added, alluding to his many trips to Gainesville because of his friendship with Gators boss Urban Meyer. "Obviously, we didn't talk about pro football when he was still in college, but now that he's eligible for the draft, we talked to him about being a professional quarterback."

Ian Rapoport notes that Bill Belichick has never drafted a punter, so don't be surprised if this year is a first.

"We’ve drafted a kicker," Belichick said yesterday. "We’ve drafted a snapper. Would we draft a punter? If we felt that was the right choice, absolutely."

"The thing about those players is you can only have one of them," Belichick said. "It’s not like drafting a running back, where you can have three, four, five. You can only have one long snapper, one punter, one kicker. When you draft a player, you have to feel that that player has a pretty good chance to make your team. Otherwise, what’s the point? That’s not to say every guy will (make it), but that’s the intent."