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New England Patriots Links 4/19/10 - Adalius Thomas Doesn't Have A Clue

<em>Stephen Gostkowski signed his RFA tender and will be kicking off for the Patriots for at least another year</em>.
Stephen Gostkowski signed his RFA tender and will be kicking off for the Patriots for at least another year.

Shalise Manza Young traveled down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to talk with Adalius Thomas directly, and get his side of the unsettling situation he's in with New England.

He is in Hattiesburg for his annual football camp today at the University of Southern Mississippi, a free day for area boys to learn about the game and meet someone who has made it to the NFL, has been to the Super Bowl, has played in Pro Bowls.

"Anybody that knows me personally knows that I’m not a bad person. I haven’t had a problem in the 10 years I’ve been in the league; I haven’t had a run-in with any coach. That’s not me,’’ he said. "Am I a ‘yes’ person? That’s not me. I respect the coaches and I respect their position. If you have something that you want me doing, that’s fine. But coaches are going to do what’s best for the organization, or for them. At some point you have to look out for you, so the only person that’s going to do that is you.

"I’m not bitter. At all. But I guess it comes across . . . I don’t think anything I said is untrue, and if it’s not untrue, then why is there a problem?’’

"I wish I really knew. And that’s the honest-to-God truth,’’ he said. "The only person that knows that would be Bill. I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen, what their plans are, so it’s kind of uncertain. It’s uncomfortable too, because you don’t really know where you’re going to be."

Tom E. Curran addresses Adalius Thomas' latest round of "whine," saying this is the same ridiculous, eighth-grade, excuse-making this guy's been doing since his Humble Pie T-shirt biz didn't take off.

If Thomas felt he was getting crap treatment [for his injured wrist] in Tampa, he should have come back to Foxboro, where his employer is and where there are really good medical services. Certainly, the Patriots would have preferred that. Thomas makes it sound like the Patriots basically Googled "physical therapy, Tampa," and wrote a number on a sticky note for him.

The guy is doing everything in his power to not be a part of the team. Staying away from workouts, lobbing bombs about double-standards and medical nonchalance, giving every indication that he could not care any less about being part of the 2010 Patriots. He's on the books to make $4.9 million this season and is showing no indication he wants to do the offseason work to earn it.

And then he complains about the freaking uncertainty? Says it's "uncomfortable" not knowing? It's obvious he's making sure he gets cut, yet at the same time he has either the gall, or the ignorance, to figure people will actually feel badly for him because the Patriots are stringing him along.