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Dear Pats Pulpit: Thank you

To the loyal readers of Peyton's Pulpit Pats Pulpit,

Thank you very much for tolerating my silliness on April Fool's Day. I especially want to thank Richard Hill and Marima for allowing me to write all the stupid and useless articles I did. I personally think these little April Fool's Day events are fun, and they go a long way to connecting the communities from both sites.

We may be rivals, but I think there are some things we all agree on: Ron Borges kinda sucks, Adalius Thomas is a loud-mouthed idiot, Vince Wilfork is fat, and the Colts and Patriots are the two best franchises in football. Where we disagree is on who is #1 and who is #2. But, when it comes right down to it, we respect each other.

Thanks for letting me run your blog for a day. I hope you enjoyed it.

Go Pats! Go Colts!