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New England Patriots Links 4/02/10 - Jets Overtake Patriots as the Team to Hate

<em>Gary Guyton wears his undrafted chip well, always eager for competition to prove his worth</em>.
Gary Guyton wears his undrafted chip well, always eager for competition to prove his worth.

Tim Graham (ESPN) The NY Jets sure can stir up the angry blood.

There has been a noticeable turn within the AFC East and perhaps the entire league when it comes to the most hated team. Based on reader feedback and the disdain expressed on sports-talk shows and message boards, the Jets have replaced the New England Patriots as the team opposing fans love to hate.

Gary Guyton talks about how he'll always remember not getting drafted, and how he'll welcome any competition the draft may bring to the locker room.

"This is a good situation for me," Guyton said Thursday. "I wasn’t drafted, got picked up and made the best of my opportunity and now it’s working out for me.

"Will [not getting drafted] be something I forget? No. The draft is a big day for kids. For young guys like myself, that’s what you dream about every day. Will it affect me? No. Will it make me or break me? Nah. It will be something I remember, but it’s OK though."

"I think competition is always good," Guyton said after a workout at Gillette today. "It’s a competitive sport, so anytime there is competition, I’m game."

"Whatever they draft, they may draft a linebacker, if they do, if they don’t," Guyton said, "If they bring in somebody, it’s always a good thing. Competition is competition. I compete with myself every day. I’m my own biggest competition. We’ll come out here, work out together."