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Patriots QB Brian Hoyer to Potential Patriots QB Tim Tebow: "Let's go."

I heard from a source or two that Florida QB Tim Tebow was in the area for a couple days. If I heard the news, it's obvious that all of the players on the Patriots roster heard the news as well- including current second string quarterback Brian Hoyer. Hoyer doesn't seem fazed by the news of the coming of Tebow; in fact, he's welcoming it.

"I actually got a chance to meet him here the other day," said Hoyer. "He was a great guy. Everything you see is what I think you get with him. It would be great to compete against him."

Hoyer did extremely well when called in for mop up duty against the Titans, as well as when playing situational ball against the Texans. He showed poise and appeared more than capable of the position (more than could be said for the Colts' Curtis Painter). Hoyer doesn't appear to need a player to push him forward and is roaring to take advantage of every situation given to him.

"There is always going to be competition," he responded. "For me, coming in last year, there was a bunch of guys here. I’ll never forget when I was getting recruited at Michigan State, I was like ‘You have a bunch of quarterbacks here.’ One of the coaches was like ‘There are always going to be quarterbacks wherever you go. You’re going to have to compete.’ It kind of struck me then. No matter what you do, you’re going to have to compete against someone. If anything, it pushes me to work harder right now in the weight room, in the [practice] bubble running, and throwing and doing the little extra things.

So while Hoyer appears to welcoming Tebow into the fold, as a fan, I wouldn't be jumping to any conclusions. Hoyer's actions make me support him even more as a player. The way Hoyer stepped in during actual regular season games, the way he has handled himself this off-season by trying to be a stronger and smarter player, from the way he doesn't shy away from a Hall of Fame quarterback all are reasons to keep letting Hoyer call the shots (of 2nd in line).

Oh, and do you really think the front office would allow current players to be this up front and open about potential draft prospects? Would the front office themselves really be putting a player of legitimate interest on such a pedestal in public display? Didn't think so.