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No goodbyes, just good memories

Dear friends,

By now, you've noticed a severe drop off in my story writing and participation on this blog.  It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to step down as head writer of Pats Pulpit.  It was, at the same time, an incredibly difficult decision and an incredibly easy one.

After MPF Sr. passed in November, 2009, my Mum has required almost constant care and attention.  The unfortunate reality is that the world doesn't stop, not for one second.  Simple, daily tasks became monumentally difficult and she just couldn't keep pace.  It was her children's turn to step in and help her; she did raise us, after all.  This was the easy part of the decision.  A son's duty.  It's that simple.  Combine family duties with a promotion at work and time has become a scarce commodity.

Now the difficult part.

I believe this to be a very cool community, one where knowledge, passion, and respect are required and practiced every day.  The writing, from not only co-writers but commentors, is second to none.  It's news worthy, but loaded with fan perspective - exactly what you want on a fan run site.  I have written many times that my stories were just the beginning, that the thoughts and comments you add to the story turn it into a living document, one with an ebb and flow if you will.  I always learn a great deal from your writings, a great deal.  I was never the sole authority, only the catalyst.  YOU made the story great.  I will miss this thing we've created.

Over the last 2 years, I have had the pleasure of writing and collaborating with many smart, passionate fans.  Outside of Pats Pulpit: Brian Galliford from Buffalo Rumblings, Matty I from The Phinsider, and John B from Gang Green Nation - my AFC East buds.  Spot on ya, guys.  From Stampede Blue, BigBlueShoe has been an enormous help.  We may be rival fans with vastly different styles and viewpoints, but we've always had a common goal.  Thank you.

No one can do this alone.  I've been lucky to have a number of co-writers to help balance out the stories and provide alternate viewpoints, the part I truly cherish.  NESilver (aka: KCGold) was a great ambassador and writer.  SlotMachinePlayer, along with his insane level of participation, took on Moderator duties (carrying the water, as JHR would say) as well as comic relief with "Steal This Thread" and "The Caption Contest".  Comedic.Sans, for a guy who lives soooooo far from the States, has one of the biggest football IQ's I know of, even if he spells funny. ;-)  Richard Hill is churning out an amazing amount of draft info and is a fine stats guru to boot; a big thanks for steering the ship these past several weeks.  JohnHannahRules has always been the gold standard of writing, a lost craft these days.  I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for stepping in when I needed it the most.  I hope to see you in print, my man!!  And Marima.  How could I ever thank her for all the participation and the tireless work she does, day in and day out, creating one of the finest links posts on this network, and the only Pulpiteer I've met!  I've been very lucky indeed to share the stage with such talent.

I won't be going away, just handing over the reins to a new head writer.  I hope to pop in, now and again, like visiting the first house I bought; those visits always make me smile.  This has been an enormously rewarding journey, one I count myself lucky for having undertaken.

Who knows, you may see me at training camp.  Any guesses as to what number I'll be wearing?