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Hello, Pats Pulpit!

Hello all,

When I first sat down to write this article introducing myself, I have to admit that I was stuck.  After all, my entire blogging career had been on another website. I felt like I was writing an article intended for a big group of strangers.  Then, however, I thought about it.  Maybe I wasn't writing to a whole new crowd.  After all, my audience is not really shifting.  We're all Patriots fans.

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself.  My name is Greg Knopping and I will be the new head writer/managing editor here at Pats Pulpit.  For the past four years, I have blogged on my own website,  While I was very happy writing on my own website, when I was offered to move over to Pats Pulpit, I couldn't turn it down.  Over the past few years, I have been a constant reader of Pats Pulpit, as David did a really nice job on the blog here.

My goal is to take the momentum that David built, and build this blog into something special.  With help from you guys, I look to make this blogging community grow bigger and bigger.  Along with myself, I will be bringing in Stephen Verman, who also contributed to  I think he has a lot of insight to offer, in addition to the work of Richard Hill, Marima, Comedic.Sans, and SlotMachinePlayer, who have all done a great job keeping this community running.

Next, I'll go into a little bit about me as a blogger and as a person.  I consider myself a homer.  I'm a Patriots fan through and through.  Although I grew up in Connecticut, my father was raised in Wayland, Massachusetts, so his love of Boston sports rubbed off on me from before I could walk.  In fact, I attended my first Patriots game before I was even three years old.  I think this upbringing, at times, can reflect how I write.  I love the Patriots.  However, I am not in any way incapable of being critical towards a personnel/coaching move.  In fact, being critical is what drives me as a blogger.

Overall, I feel like I have a lot to add to this community.  While there will inevitably be some changes around here, my goal is to keep the integrity of Pats Pulpit together.  I am open to any suggestions, ideas, etc.  I want to be as adaptive as possible, and therefore I will welcome and listen to any changes you the readers might like to see.

Lastly, I'm joining Pats Pulpit at a very exciting time of the year.  Tomorrow, as you probably know, is the first day of the 2010 NFL Draft.  The plan is for me to get out a Patriots draft preview between tonight and the start of the draft, and do a live blog/day one draft thread starting at around three p.m. tomorrow.

Thanks for your time, and I look forwards to seeing all of you contribute here in the near future,

Greg Knopping