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New England Patriots Links 4/22/10 - Feeling Draft-y!

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It all starts tonight at 7:30pm ET
It all starts tonight at 7:30pm ET

Ian Rapoport notes the Patriots are as prepared as possible for this weekend's 'final exam.'

You just have to wait and see how things shape up on draft day," Belichick said as he heads into his 11th draft with the Pats. "You never know what players that you don’t think will be there will be there or what it would take to move up (or down). There’s no way to really predict. It’s a lot of just reacting to the situation and doing what you think is best for the team."

"We’ll see how all that turns out," Belichick said. "In the end, we’ll just try to do our homework, be prepared for whatever the opportunities are and hopefully make the best of them."