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New England Patriots Links 4/23/10 - Patriots Stand On Corner; Rounds 2 and 3 Tonight

<em>How does "McCourty Island" sound?</em>
How does "McCourty Island" sound?

Bill Belichick felt things came out at the end of the round "about as well as we could have hoped for."

Devin [McCourty] is a player that is in an outstanding program at Rutgers. He’s coached by coach [Greg] Schiano and their staff. Devin’s had an outstanding career there. He’s fast. He’s tough. He’s a good four down football player – first, second, third and fourth down and in the kicking game he’s certainly one of the top guys in the draft in that area. I think he’s shown consistent production in that program and again, in a well-coached program. I have a lot of respect for what he’s done there.

We felt like backing off a little bit we would be able to still make that pick and that was the case. In the end, we acquired a third round pick tomorrow – number 90. We felt like that was good value the way things turned out.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow with several opportunities to improve our football team in one way or another as it unfolds. It’s kind of interesting how it happened to one with the one round in one day – prime time kind of thing. It gives us a chance to restack the board like all the other teams are doing and approach the second round a little differently than how we’ve done in the past. Hopefully we’ll take advantage of our opportunities there.

Q: Can you talk about him in the return game?
BB: I think he’s had some production in kickoff returns, he’s an excellent cover guy – covering kicks, gunners, special teams, kickoff coverage, hold up on the punt returns. He’s had a very significant role in the kicking game and was very good at it. He blocked kicks. He’s versatile. He can do a number of things for us in the kicking game.

Q: He mentioned that he spent an hour with you watching film when you were down at Rutgers. What did you learn from him in that hour?
BB: I think Devin has a real good understanding of his defense, the techniques, the calls, not just what he’s doing, but what the entire defense is doing – the big picture and how the defense is put together – what the line stunts are. He’s a very aware player. It’s obvious that he’s well coached, he studied hard, he’s prepared and thoroughly understands the defense, the opponents and the offenses that he’s faced. We look for that in terms of players that are well prepared and work hard in their preparation and the importance of football and I think he clearly has a high level of that.

Q: He’s talked about studying film on Darrelle Revis. Are there some similarities in the way they play?
BB: I think any player can look at good players and learn from them as we can as coaches. We watch good players and learn and watch what they do and sometimes try to impart that to either another good player or players that can learn from those guys. I think that’s pretty common. I admire that about players that do that, that work at their craft, look at other players that play their position and see things that can be helpful to them and try to emulate them. I think that’s a positive trait of a player that wants to get better that is looking at people who are high quality players and trying to learn something from them.