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New England Patriots Links 4/24/10 - Pats Looking Good Entering Final Day of the Draft

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Bill Belichcik breaks down each of the Patriots picks on Day 2:

"[Rob] Gronkowski, certainly an interesting player. Excellent size. Very well thought of down there by Coach [Mike] Stoops and his staff. We visited him a couple of weeks ago. I think as we saw there at New York, he's kind of a fun-loving guy with a sense of humor who enjoys having a good time. He plays like that too. He plays with a good attitude and aggressive and seems to be having fun out there. He was a good playmaker for Arizona in the '08 season.

"[Jermaine] Cunningham is a guy in some ways got a little less hype than [Carlos] Dunlap but was really an outstanding player for Florida. He's had an excellent career down there. Tough guy. Hard-working guy. Very well respected on their football team and that program. I think he was one of the real leaders for them on defense, along with [Brandon] Spikes and [Joe] Haden.

"And, of course, [Brandon] Spikes came next. Big guy. Big for an inside linebacker. I really have a lot of respect for Spikes, the way he went back to school and finished his career there to try to win some more games down there. I think he showed a real commitment to his teammates and the school and the program there. Very well thought of, very highly respected. And, of course, he came with a good recommendation from Doc [Rivers, whose daughter dates Spikes], which I appreciated. So Doc can keep an eye on him here, move his daughter a little closer to home.

"And then in the third round, Taylor Price. A receiver who is a talented kid. Played in not a great offensive system last year and he certainly showed that he could have a variety of skills as a receiver. Big kid. Runs well. Shows the ability to play multiple positions. Inside. Outside. Has the size to block. Run after the catch. Good hands. So he's an interesting player that didn't have a lot of production, certainly in part to the offensive system that he was in."