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Rating the New England Patriots Draft: #247 Brandon Deaderick

247. Brandon Deaderick, DE/DT Alabama


  • Solid 3-4 DE prospect who has the potential to step into the rotation.
  • Played 3-4 DE in college.
  • Plays with grit and strength.
  • He has large cajones and won't be stopped by silly things like bullets.


  • Inconsistent as a senior, but that probably is because he got freakin' shot.

Summary: A great pick-up. While I won't say that he fills a position, I'll say that he definitely bolsters our defensive line and makes the competition that will arise this off-season full of talent.

Final Player Grade: A-. Who else the Patriots going to grab at this point in the draft? Might as well grab an experienced player who has a chance to make the roster.

Final Draft Pick Grade: A-.