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New England Patriots Links 4/27/10 - Adalius Thomas Sacked; Aaron Hernandez Smoked

<em>Pats' TE Aaron Hernandez shows no signs of being '<a href="">sleepy and fat</a>' on this play</em>.
Pats' TE Aaron Hernandez shows no signs of being 'sleepy and fat' on this play.

Peter King was a guest on WEEI's Dale & Holley Show.

Here’s the reason that I love McCourty. When Bill went down to New Brunswick (N.J.) to speak to the [Rutgers] coaches and I’m sure he worked in the trip to see his son, he went down there and one of things that he did he went and sat down in the football office with Devin McCourty and he wanted to watch some tape with him. I asked McCourty about this. It wasn’t necessarily to sort of teach him about football. McCourty thought it was about getting to learn his football IQ. You know, getting to learn some stuff about McCourty, which I thought obviously any coach is going to want to do before the draft, but I know a couple of the coaches down there and they love this kid.

This is a guy, who first of all, will never be in any trouble. He will work harder than anybody else. He loves the game. He’s one of these "Coach you want me to be the gunner on the punt team for the next 10 years then tell me what to do, I’ll do it." He’s a really, really good kid and there is some good receivers in that league the last few years now. You talk to Mardy Gilyard at Cincinnati and some of the guys who have been good in that league over the years and they’ll tell you that he was the best cover corner that they faced in that league.

Bill Belichick talked about the Draft as a guest on WEEI's Big Show.

[On trading down for value]  "If you have let’s say three players, say you are at a particular point with whatever number you are at," he said. "You have three players and you feel that anyone of the three players would be a good pick at this point. They would all help our team and there really isn’t a strong preference, and you could pick up extra value by trading down or something like that, then you do that and say, ‘OK how far down can we go and get the same value at this point.’ "

[On cutting ties with Adalius Thomas]  "We made that decision to move on with the players that we have," Belichick said. "I think he was a good football player. He came in and had a heck of a year for us in ‘07, and again at this point in time we felt that was the direction we were going to go in."