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Rating the New England Patriots Draft: #205 Ted Larsen

205. Ted Larsen, C North Carolina State

Players left: SS Myron Rolle


  • Player with a lot of potential to be our center of the future.
  • No rush to start Larsen because Koppen can still play- Larsen is in a great position to learn.
  • Raw talent with plenty of strength.
  • Played defensive tackle for his first two years in college so he has the knowledge to know what opposing players might do.
  • Allows Dan Connolly to try and become a guard of the future.


  • Raw talent with only some experience.
  • Placed in a very deep depth chart of interior linemen with Rich Ohrnberger, George Bussey and Dan Connolly.

Summary: Larsen won't be starting anytime soon, but provides the Patriots with a very talented player with plenty of upside. Fills a depth role and could become a great starter in the future.

Final Player Grade: B+. While center is a possible position of need down the road, I'm not sure if it had the be addressed at this point. Koppen still has 2-3 years left of playing at a top level (however, if he keeps letting Brady get hit, his time playing might quickly diminish).

Final Draft Pick Grade: B+.