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New England Patriots Links 4/28/10 - The Buzz Surrounding Hernandez; Patriots Deep At Safety

<em>Maybe this motivational sign could be posted in the locker room?</em>
Maybe this motivational sign could be posted in the locker room?

Albert Breer says safety James Sanders hasn’t forgotten the lessons of his struggles last season.

"It made me mentally strong,’’ Sanders said. "There was a point where I really wasn’t playing at all, but I had to have a good attitude coming in and working each and every day, because you never know when your opportunity’s going to come.

"During that long stretch, if I went in the tank and didn’t work hard or didn’t study, when opportunity came again, I might not have been ready and might not have taken advantage like I did last year, coming in the last four games and being successful and having an opportunity to make plays and be a presence on the field.’’

Karen Guregain reports 49ers LB Takeo Spikes was hoping they would draft his cousin Brandon.  It would have happened if the Patriots didn't have all those second round picks.  San Francisco never got the chance.

"I really thought we were going to get him in San Francisco. I thought that was going to happen. (The 49ers) really liked him," Takeo Spikes said by phone. "I talked with our GM (Trent Baalke) and our linebackers coach (Vantz Singletary) about him several times. It didn’t work out, but I think he’s in probably just as good a position where he is now, maybe even better."

"He’s excited, ready to get going. He can’t wait to report," Takeo Spikes said. "He’s eager to show the Boston fans not only what he can do, but he wants to show everybody who passed on him what he’s capable of."

"I think one of the things people didn’t see, what goes unnoticed and unseen, is the fact his presence on the field makes everyone around him better," Spikes said. "Just talking to a lot of the Florida players, that’s some of the things they’ll tell you about him. Once he gets acclimated, once he understands what he’s doing, I’m pretty sure you’ll see he’ll have that same type of effect on that team as well."




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