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Rating the New England Patriots Draft: #90 Taylor Price

90. Taylor Price, WR Ohio University

Players left: G Mike Johnson, CB Brandon Ghee, TE Tony Moeaki


  • Great hands.
  • Great adjustments to the ball.
  • Basically a free pick due to the Devin McCourty trade down.
  • Good blocker.
  • Hard worker, team player. Not a diva.


  • Questionable competition.
  • Can he build a rapport with Brady?
  • Not a special teams player.
  • Where will he rank on the roster? Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman are all ahead on the roster. He'll fight with Brandon Tate and Torry Holt for the #3 slot while Welker's out.

Summary: Price probably won't become a #1 receiver, but we've picked up so many #2 receivers (Tate, Edelman, Welker, Price, soon to be Moss, Holt) that we could run an offense like the Saints without a #1. This could be a great style- throw to the open man and know he'll catch it. Where does he fit on our receiver depth chart?

Final Player Grade: B+. He's unproven product with some of the greatest upside out of all the receivers in the draft.

Final Draft Pick Grade: A-. He's basically a free player since we traded down to grab McCourty. However, we had the potential to move up and grab a more proven receiver. Price remains a project- a fantastic project with tremendous upside, but a project nonetheless.