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New England Patriots Links 4/29/10 - The Power Of The Hoodie

<em>The great and powerful Hoodie has Rays' manager Joe Madden's back covered</em>.
The great and powerful Hoodie has Rays' manager Joe Madden's back covered.

Tony Fabrizio and Roger Mooney (Tampa Tribune) Patriots' Belichick, Rays' Maddon in hoodie heavenProps to 'Chad Henne is Your New Bicycle' for his fanshot tip.

On the Rays' last road trip, [manager Joe] Maddon was told by Major League Baseball in Boston that he could no longer wear the Rays hoodie that he favors for cool- weather games. He didn't like the ruling and threatened to invite the help of Belichick, who often wears a hoodie on the sidelines while coaching.

Belichick - never one to go against the establishment himself, of course — sent Maddon a gray hooded Patriots sweatshirt Wednesday. In a typed note, Belichick said, "From one hoodie wearer to another, I thought I'd pass along my complete support with something to wear."

Pete Prisco (CBS Sports) Re-grading the 2007 Draft:  Three-year look back gives real picture.

With Bill Belichick's reputation, you would think all of his drafts are great.  This one wasn't.  They hit on first-round pick Brandon Meriweather, who starts at safety and went to the Pro Bowl last season.  But the other picks, all in Rounds 4 or lower have done almost nothing.  Two trades raise the grade here.  Belichick traded a second-round pick  to Miami for Wes Welker and a fourth-round pick to Oakland for Randy Moss.  Talk about stealing.  With those trades, the grade goes up to an A, but based on the picks, it's a C.




  • Tim Graham (ESPN) AFC East offseason schedule finalized. Pats rookie minicamp opens Friday, April 30 to May 2nd.
  • Charley Casserly (CBS Sports) AFC Draft: Rating top picks. Believe it or not, he had Pats pick Devin McCourty rated as a 1st-round pick and Rob Gronkowski as a late 1st-to-early-2nd-rounder.  BB might know something???
  • Ryan Fowler (What If Sports) NFL rookie impact players for 2010. Pats' Devin McCourty ranked 37th.
  • Wes Bunting (Nat'l Football Post) Day three draftees worth watching.  Pats' Brandon Deaderick noted.
  • Seah Leahy (USA Today) Roger Goodell: Adopting new overtime rule for regular season could come to vote in May.
  • Vinnie Iyer (Sporting News) Draft flashback: 2007 was a boom-or-bust year.
  • Erik Matuszewski (Gainesville Sun) Tebow sets jersey sales record for NFL draftee.
  • Clifton Brown (Sporting News) If rookies go bust, five NFL coaches could go boom.
  • Frank Deford (SI) There are good role models and there are bad role models.
  • David Whitley (NFL Fanhouse) Stop excuses before I lose my mind.
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame 42nd Annual Photo Contest winner announced for the 2009 NFL season.  Some great photos here, Patriots included.
  • Tim Graham (ESPN) Ireland controversy heating up for Dolphins.
  • Tim Graham (ESPN) Tannenbaum's tradewinds send Jets sailing.  Great read just for this observation:
  • Why do I get the feeling that if Mrs. Tannenbaum sent her little Mike off to school with his packed lunch, he rarely ate whatever she made? By the time the lunch bell rang, he would've traded his bologna for a PB&J, his pretzel sticks for a fruit cup and offered recess services for a pudding to be named later.