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Rating the New England Patriots Draft: #53 Jermaine Cunningham

53. Jermaine Cunningham, DE/OLB Florida

Players left: DE Carlos Dunlap, DT Terrence Cody, ILB Sean Lee, RB Montario Hardesty, WR Golden Tate


  • Gives us an improvement to our outside linebacker core.
  • Can play on and off the defensive line.
  • Experienced.
  • Strong effort player.
  • Great in space.
  • Insider information courtesy of Coach Urban.


  • Questionable strength against offensive linemen.
  • Over commits on plays.
  • Inexperienced at the OLB position.

Summary: While I wouldn't have minded grabbing a top receiver, with so many still on the board I don't begrudge the Patriots for leaving that position alone. Cunningham is an unproven player with a lot of promise. No trades were needed to take him.

Final Player Grade: B. He's a great player, I'm just questioning how he'll transition to OLB. He definitely fills a need.

Final Draft Pick Grade: B.