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New England Patriots Links 4/30/10 - Rookie Mini-Camp Begins Today

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<em>Sign in Montvale, NJ, home of St. Joseph’s Memorial where Devin McCourty went to high school.  Pretty cool</em>.
Sign in Montvale, NJ, home of St. Joseph’s Memorial where Devin McCourty went to high school. Pretty cool.

Mike Reiss reports the rookie mini-camp schedule from a media perspective, and offers a quote from Bill Belichick from last year that sums it up.

10:15-11:15 a.m. -- Morning practice (closed to public)
11:15 a.m. -- Player interviews on field
Noon -- Bill Belichick press conference
2:45-3:45 p.m. -- Afternoon practice (closed to public)

"It’s kind of the ultimate contrast from the last game of the year, when you’ve been working with the guys [on] game plans, [and on] real sophisticated stuff. This is kind of the other end of the spectrum and [that] is what we will build toward," Belichick said.

"It’s good to have some new faces out there and its fun as a coach to be working on some fundamentals and some real basic things, which they all need. It’s a good reminder for how far some of our veterans have come and hopefully where these guys will progress to - some of these spots. It’s a long way to go. One step at a time, and we’re underway."

Mike Reiss talks with former Patriot LB Ted Johnson, who recalls his experience at mini-camp.

"We were in one-on-one drills and here I am, the second-round pick, feeling good about myself," Johnson recalled. "They match me up against this guy named Curtis Martin. He hadn't played his last year at Pitt, and it's my job to stick with him man-to-man. I just got torched."

Ex-Patriot Jarvis Green reflects on his departure from New England, his decision-making process of going to Denver and leaving his friends.

[On what it was like playing for Bill Belichick]  He was a guy that demanded a lot each and every day and I think every day when you came into the locker room, the meeting room, on the field, you had that nervous itch, that feeling of trying to impress someone, trying to impress coach Bill every day because he wanted 100 percent out of everybody.  There's no such thing, getting perfection, but close enough.

[On if he would recommend another free agent like himself to go to New England] I would say, 'go.'  If you want to become a football player, all around, and know the game in and out, and be a student of the game in the classroom, go.  But it's not gonna be easy.