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Phew! Patriots fans breathe a sigh of relief; McNabb a Redskin, Raiders still suck.

2011 Draft pick number 5? Yes, please.
2011 Draft pick number 5? Yes, please.

There's been a fair deal of speculation about Donovan McNabb's future in the last couple of weeks, and one of the hypothetical landing spots for McNabb was the Oakland Raiders. It wasn't just hot air; the Raiders apparently dangled draft picks at the Eagles organisation to get the QB and even supposedly considered trading McNabb and Asante Samuel for Nnamdi Asomugha as well. 

However, this abomination was not to be. Either McNabb vetoed going to land of the living dead Oakland, or the picks the Raiders were offering weren't that high, because he's been traded to the Washington Redskins for a second-round pick (37th overall) and a third- or fourth-rounder in 2011 (which seems a fairly low return for such a good QB; Matt Cassel's trade for a second-round pick a year ago was being called low, too, remember?).

This presumably means that the Raiders are beginning the season with Jamarcus Russell as the starting Nose Tackle Quarterback. Instead of having a potential Hall of Fame QB, they have a potential Hall of Fame hotdog eater - Russell is supposedly weighing in at 290lbs at the moment (290! What?! That's 10lbs+ bigger than Jarvis Green!) 

This non-trade has the effect of making that 2011 first-round Raiders pick look far, far more enterprising than if McNabb had pulled on the Black-and-Silver. McNabb is a fine quarterback and is particularly effective in the regular season, with a career record of 92-41-1 . He'd have made the deep-threat Raiders WRs look far more effective with his accuracy and big arm than Russell ever could. He could potentially have turned what otherwise would have been a top-10 draft pick for the Pats into a bottom-half pick, but now the point is moot - McNabb's a Redskin.

(Props to NinjaZX6R for the scoop)