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New England Patriots Links 4/05/10 - Tom Brady Supported Stallworth; Spotlight on DL Damione Lewis

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<a href=""><em>Damione Lewis</em></a>, Patriots newest defensive lineman.
Damione Lewis, Patriots newest defensive lineman.

Peter King (SI) Donte Stallworth spoke about his side of the nightmare vehicular homicide story, and ends it with this about Tom Brady:

Last thing: A text message arrived to Stallworth's phone on the day of the accident. It read, "A lot of people know the kind of person you are. You're a good person.''

Tom Brady, his quarterback in 2007.

Mike Reiss shines the spotlight on Damione Lewis, by rewatching the Patriots' game against the Panthers last season specifically to study the Pats' new defensive lineman.

FINAL ANALYSIS: One aspect that makes this agreement with Lewis intriguing is that he isn’t the traditional fit for the Patriots. He’s a one-gap player coming to a defense that has been a two-gap style of late. But one of the things that I think Bill Belichick and his staff generally do an excellent job of is identifying a player’s strengths and weaknesses, and then putting the player in a position to succeed. Lewis still has something to offer, and assuming he makes the team, my sense is that his primary value will come as an interior rusher in obvious passing situations. The Patriots’ pass rush was inconsistent in 2009. Lewis is another possibility to help the team in that area.

Chris Gasper asserts Tim Tebow belongs in the NFL, but not with the Patriots.

If the Patriots want to remain a Super Bowl contender, they can't afford to use one of their precious top-53 picks (No. 22, No. 44, No. 47 and No. 53) on a project quarterback, even one who does missionary work in the Philippines, gives inspirational talks at prisons, is an admirable athletic role model, and was both a transcendent force and incomparable college quarterback.

There are simply too many other needs -- outside linebacker, tight end, wide receiver, defensive end, running back -- to gamble on the Gator God. A team that takes Tebow is hoping to find its patron saint. The Patriots already have one, and his name is Tom Brady. He possesses all of the intangible qualities that have been ascribed to Tebow, and is a proven NFL passer (you know that whole 50 touchdown passes thing in 2007).