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Patriots Still Looking to Update D-Line

The Boston Globe is reporting that, despite the recent signing of Damione Lewis, the Patriots are continuing to look at top round defensive line prospects. The Patriots have UCLA DT Brian Price visiting, who is regarded as a top 20 pick. I believe that this visit is more to check out the overall draft board, but if he drops to the Patriots at 22, you can be sure that they'll have a plan with him. Price, at 6-1, 301 lbs, is far too short to be a DE in our defense and lacks the versatility of Penn State's Jared Odrick, who can play DE and DT. Price would be Vince Wilfork's back-up, which doesn't make sense, since we just gave Wilfork an extension and we have so many other needs. If Price is available, look for the Patriots to make a trade down.

Update: is reporting that Price won't be making the trip due to logistical difficulties. I think this further supports my theory that getting a look at Price isn't really necessary- it's more to get an idea of how other teams would rate him.


Also, is reporting that Coach Bill Belichick himself ran UCF defensive lineman Torell Troup through a private workout. Troup is 6-3, 314 lbs, which means that he has the same tweener size that Odrick has- so hopefully Troup can play both DE and DT. Troup has started 39 games in college, which is a major plus for Belichick, who loves experience. Troup is projected anywhere from the second to fourth round, which means that Belichick may pull the trigger at the end of the second if he feels the value is right- or he may trade down. Troup, unlike Price, is a player who has the potential to have a starting spot on our defense. Definitely keep an eye out for Troup.